F500 Series Floco Positive Displacement Meter

Floco positive displacement liquid flow meter uses a rotor configuration that ensures continuous precision even under unfavorable conditions. This specifically measures viscous, waxy, corrosive and abrasive materials to about ± 1% of the normal variability.

The Floco flowmeter tests the liquid by separating and quantifying it into different areas. Via the inlet channel, liquid reaches the meter, where the bridge deflects the liquid down to reach the rotor blades and transform the rotor. The stream then flows into the port at the exit, corresponding with the port at the inlet. The special rotor configuration permits the movement of strong particles and sediment through the meter without risking disruption or malfunction. Bridge seals block the liquid from going to the exhaust port without testing.

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F500-1 I F500-2 I and F500-3

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F500 Series Floco Positive Displacement Meter

As the method fluid viscosity decreases, the Floco flowmeter’s measuring output improves as well. Since the improvement of the capacity to calculate low flow levels is most important, many process fluids may be calculated at lower rates than released. The preference of attachment in NPT strings, grooved ends, or flanges is 2 or 3. Total identification units are common for US gallons, 42-galUS tanks, liters, and cubic metres. Series F flowmeters are equipped with Buna-N, Viton ® or Teflon ® components to satisfy process specifications to have optimal service life during maintenance cycles.

They can weigh a broad range of liquids from heavy oil (maximum 25,000- cSt), asphalt emulsion, brine, Number 6 fuel oil (bunker C), palm oil , kerosene, liquid fertilizers, paraffin, processed oils, and gas. The flowmeter does not involve the upstream or downstream installation of a straight-run wire. The meter can be mounted in any location, and for optimum visibility, the register can be rotated to two planes. The Floco flowmeter consists of four main sections-chassis, rotor, sideboards, and register (with gear case assembly and magnetic seal). Between Series F versions, nearly all spare parts are interchangeable.


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