Gas Turbines

The gas turbine flow meter ensures accurate control of the flow of gas by using a GSV with a small lightweight turbine. Its rate of production is higher than many flows of direct air.

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Gas Turbines

The meter monitors flow rates continuously, provides low flux resistance and a distinctive cartridge design that can be removed for all internal components as one single installation. The meter knows that the gas density exceeds both environments ‘ stress. Thanks to its low inertia the metre, thanks to constant fluid variations, can double its expected performance two times without any damage. Carbide and rotating rotor shafts are designed for long lasting and not grained conditioning. The components can be replaced and controlled easily by the engines. This component is ideal for measurement of gas, gas, flare gas and exhaust gas for two flange installations. For the immediate assessment of the flow rate and reached output the electronic signal output can be provided to the partner reader’s tools. These measurements can automatically be adjusted to the stress and temperature to achieve volumetric standard readings.

A hyperlight rotor has only two valves that leave the cross-section flow zone unchecked and features the Gas Turbine flow meter. The service is also very simple because the turbine is insertable between two process tube bridges thanks to the cartridge design. The bodies are made of SS 316, and the rotor is made of a highly reliable SS 455 material. The gas turbine flowmeter also allows the accompanying reader to evaluate and attain an instant flow rate with a digital pulse output. These measurements of stress and/or temperature for normal volumetric measurements can be compensated automatically.


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