Ultrasonic flow transducer

The 8001 transducers and 8002 feedthrough assemblies are designed for use on exposed pipes and penstocks with diameters ranging from 42″ to 27 feet. This is a 1-MHz transducer that may be used to measure huge pipelines with excellent precision. The feedthrough system is intended to allow the transducer to be retracted and removed while the pipe is still under pressure. The 8001/8002 also includes two retaining pins and a tamper-resistant pin guard/retainer, both of which are unique features.

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Ultrasonic flow transducers flow rate is proportional to the difference in transit times between the two sensors. An ultrasonic flow meter that requires particles or bubbles in the flow is an ultrasonic flow meter (non-intrusive Doppler flow meters). Ultrasonic meters are appropriate for wastewater applications or any conductive or water-based unclean liquid. Doppler flow meters are often ineffective when used with distilled or drinking water. Clean liquid applications would need aeration. Ultrasonic flow sensors are also suitable for applications requiring minimal pressure drop, chemical compatibility, and low maintenance.The flow volume of a wide range of gases and liquids may be measured reliably using ultrasonic waves — regardless of electrical conductivity, pressure, temperature, or viscosity. Inline ultrasonic sensors are ideal for usage in applications that demand traceable and assured accuracy. Clamp-on ultrasonic sensors, on the other hand, are mounted on the pipe’s outside wall, allowing for temporary measurements or retrofitting.