Ultrasonic transit-time flow meter CheckPlus series

For nuclear power facilities, CALDON LEFM CheckPlus feedwater flowmeter devices provide the highest precision feedwater flow measurement possible. Regardless of upstream hydraulic circumstances, our CALDON LEFM CheckPlus feedwater flowmeter flow meters employ well-proven ultrasonic transit-time technology to measure feed water flow with a typical inaccuracy of 0.3 percent. Plant operators may enhance power output by up to 1.7 percent by utilizing this number in 10CFR50 Appendix K safety calculations, rather than the 2 percent necessary for typical metering methods, which equates to millions of dollars in additional income each year.

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Ultrasonic transit time flow meter  requires particles or bubbles in the flow (non-intrusive Doppler flow meters). Ultrasonic meters are appropriate for wastewater applications or any conductive or water-based unclean liquid. Doppler flow meters are often ineffective when used with distilled or drinking water. Clean liquid applications would need aeration. Ultrasonic flow sensors are also suitable for applications requiring minimal pressure drop, chemical compatibility, and low maintenance.The flow volume of a wide range of gases and liquids may be measured reliably using ultrasonic waves — regardless of electrical conductivity, pressure, temperature, or viscosity. Inline ultrasonic sensors are ideal for usage in applications that demand traceable and assured accuracy. Clamp-on ultrasonic sensors, on the other hand, are mounted on the pipe’s outside wall, allowing for temporary measurements or retrofitting.