The RMG 1200B pressure regulators for natural gas applications have a lightweight, easy-to-mount compact feature. Interchangeable orifices and springs have a wide range of output and flow rates. The overall flow rate of 1300 SCFH is (37 m3/h) with a protective end of a 1200B regulator that is resistant to corrosive conditions and harsher conditions than anywhere else in the industry. Approach the strain between 5′ W.C. And 5 PSIG and operating temperature ranges from-20°F to 140°F are available.

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The inside and the outside are done by each precision die-cast aluminum regulator with a special conversion panel, which is part of a 7-stage specific finishing process. The oxidation of the metal surface is greatly slowed by this sheet, which ultimately weakens its integrity. It also prevents cracking and blistering the finished paint. A single layer polyester base and a high solid polyureate layer cover all exterior controller surfaces with long-lasting protection. The American Meter conversion coating process complies with all environmental regulations. Each 1200B control unit is equipped with a 90-degree rotation of a high-tensile cast iron valve body with an extra heavy wall thickness. This guarantees optimal ability to sustain installation stress and prevents galvanizing of aluminum thread. Models 1213B, 1243B and 1253B w/Jeavons USSA have an internal relief valve of full capacity with large passages for fast release of gas (see Production Chart on page 6). An external protection is offered for the valve stop to ensure that the operations are conducted in the most extreme conditions. Regular spring relief is 7.0″ W.C. greater than usual 7″ W.C. For the outlet spring of 2 psig, the relief point is 1.6 psig above the outlet pressure. The models of the 1243B&1283B are fitted with a shut-off pressure (OPSO) to protect them from overpressure downstream. In addition to overpressure shutoffs, the USSA variants 1253B and 1293B w/Jeaines have underpressure closures.



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