Pressure regulators of the 1200B2 series are designed for residential, light commercial and small-scale industrial use of natural gas, air, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, propane vapor and other non-corrosive gases. The temperature range is between-20°F and 150°F. The overall flow rate is 2500 SCFH (70.8 m3/h).

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1203B2 l 1213B2 l 1243B2 l 1253B2 w/ USSA l 1283B2 l 1293B2 w/ USSA

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ANSI Code B109.4-1998 and CGA Regulator Type Specificator CAN/CGA-6.18-M95 are all compatible system models. The regulator vent opening should face down to reduce the chance of ice and snow being blocked (6 a.m.). It’s the E.C. The orifice is ideal for systems where the input pressure will be different over a broad range and E.C. The orifice is available in two sizes: 1/8″ x 3/16″ and 3/16.” In addition to the E.C., a 3/4″ NPT plastic can be screwed to secure the E.C. Plant in a venting unit (part number: 78041P025) and a special protective screen (part number: 70400P017). These hole capacities are identical to the standard hole of the same size. Pressure under OPSO (A) compresses the pressure spring (B) to push the diaphragm (E) upwards and release the plunger (D). When the outlet pressure exceeds the set point of the OPSO. This allows the switching spring (F) to drive the switching disk (G) to the back of the double-ended aperture. Universal Safety Shutoff Assembly (USSA)—USSA protects downstream pipe systems from over and under attack by turning off gas streams on the inlet side of the regulator hole. The over-and under-pressure shut-off points can be adjusted according to the selected printing line. Diaphragm case – Die-Cast Aluminum precision with revolutionary 7-step transfer coating and single-layer polyester printing, polyurethane top coat and high-grade rigid top coat. Valve Body-Grey cast iron, undercoat, single-layer polyester main coat and high strong polyurethane top coat. ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 is thread compatible.



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