The industrial regulator 1800 PFM 1-1/2″ and 2″ is designed for applications that require medium to high power, reliable output pressure control and rapid reaction to changes in cargo. It is ideal for use with base meters of up to CFH 11,000. A 1800 PFM manages variable inlet pressures up to 125 PSIG and regulates a fixed constant outlet pressure over a wide range of flow speeds within ±1 percent of the absolute set pressure. It is suitable for calculating the fixed factor at 0,5 to 30 PSIG measurement pressures.

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Normally the main control unit is locked with a spring (for all outlet pressures), which locks the controller while the downstream load is off. Pilot loading by the top vent opens the regulator and reduces the outlet pressure at all flow speeds by holding the main diaphragm under steady pressure. Model 1800 PFM Series Regulator For Pressure Fixed Factor Accuracy From 0.5 to 30 PSIG. Model 1800 PFM Series Adapt easily to changing loads. A wide central diaphragm loading and pressure balance removes spring-loaded regulators’ slope to steady, nonpulsatory power over a number of flows.EC apertures compensates for large differences in inlet pressure, thereby reducing the inlet pressure effect. Input pressure is eliminated. The broad opening allows a rapid solution to abrupt adjustments to load.The operating structure and the saddle are readily available for inspection.The EC (elevation compensating) orifix is included in the PFM 1800 pilot and excludes most regulators from the inlet pressure effect. As the pilot’s pressure rises, the EC orifice pushes progressively towards the pilot seat disc, thereby compensating for the impact of the inlet pressure and ensuring that the pressure of the outlet is consistent. Because the EC orifice compensates for the inlet pressure, the depth of the hole may be expanded. This allows a higher pilot flow rate to improve the regulator’s reaction time. The EC-hole flux is matched to the diaphragm bleeding passage, providing rapid reaction to shifting loads unexpectedly. A pilot spring control screw is used to adjust outlet pressure.



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