BD-RMG 580

BD-RMG 580 (Series 580) and 581 is a wafer type, self acting offset disc check valve, designed for fitting between flanges. In tandem with the safety valve (slamshut) the valve is primarily intended for use in gas pressure regulators that represent a particular network or industry. BD-RMG 580s is built to automatically detect and disable insulation for the defective (excess) regulator, thus preventing unintended shutdown by the protected regulator. As a twin or many current or in largely separate systems, the regulator site may be neighboring, as each device is sealed by including the Waferchek valve at each particular controller outlet. This requires all of the slamshut valves installed into the same gas supply network to have a different pressure environment. BD-RMG 580 can also be used as a normal valve for inspection in applications where reversing mass flow control is needed but which can handle a small amount of reverse leakage. Not for use with a gas blower, a pump for fuel, and so on.

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BD-RMG 580

The purpose is to differentiate between dysfunctional or healthy pressure-reducing lines and to identify and enable the insulation of a faulty regulator (excess throughput) while shielding a healthy regulator from unintended shutdown.



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