BD-RMG 590

BD-RMG 590 is a roll-over non-return valve. Non-return valves must be placed on the gas line (Gas Act 1972) where air is mixed with natural gas at higher pre-combustion pressure and many forms of industrial burners. Non-return valves should also be mounted in an airline in which the demand can fall below the gas pressure, a situation that often happens at the outset. Larger dimensions of non-return valves can be installed on the gas outlet and smaller quantities must be placed on any system where gas and air are combined on the inlet line. If no non-return valves are mounted in this case, an explosive gas-air mixture can be formed in the pipeline. BD RMG non-return valves with positive seal under all reverse pressure situations up to 7 barg offer complete protection against such explosions. The 590 Series is designed to meet the IM/14 non-return valve requirements.

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DN 80, DN 100 & DN 150

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BD-RMG 590

The purpose is to differentiate between dysfunctional or healthy pressure-reducing lines and to identify and enable the insulation of a faulty regulator (excess throughput) while shielding a healthy regulator from unintended shutdown.



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