BD-RMG 680 Gas pressure regulator

BD-RMG 680 is a spring-loaded gas pressure regulator and a dual-seater switch. The package provides a wide range of valve control systems combined with dual rhythm. In addition, the regulator BD-RMG 680 has been designed over a number of years to include the fall / fall closure. The BD-RMG 680 can be operated by auxiliary or power-driven control systems from main controls in a simple direct-acting setup. The system can be used with non-aggressive natural and refined gasses such as nitrogen, ammonia, propane and butane.

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Series 680 MK 1 l Series 680 MK 2-EVA DN 50, DN 80 l DN 100 f

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BD-RMG 680 Gas pressure regulator

The system is fully controlled with internal double-beat valves and extremely high flow capacity. The system also has an optimistic, precise, reactive regulation and a large operating pressure range.



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