BD-RMG 800 Gas pressure regulator

BD-RMG 800 (Series 800) MaxfloTM / RMG 402 is a gas pressure regulator. Integrated / external pilots are used to sustain steady-state outlet pressure independent of increasing flow rate and inlet pressure. It is used for non-aggressive gases, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, propane and butane, both natural and made. The BD-RMG 800 regulator is built for use in central, commercial and power station gas pressure control systems. The pressure relief valve will then be removed to preserve the pressure equilibrium within the main valve assembly by means of the BD-RMG 800 reactivation device, which enables the main valve plate to be activated without external force.

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BD-RMG 800 Gas pressure regulator

The system is designed for use with public production, gas transport and industrial power plants in water pressure-mitigating utilities. The use of an external pilot ensures that the output voltage is safe and reliable.



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