Jeavons Regulators

The interruption of work because something is defective of Jeavons or because maintenance is required means extra work for all concerned. It is thus important that such breaks should be kept to a minimum. Controls Supply Chain can help in these situations. Because we can respond appropriately to any situation and quickly deliver products and parts. We are your partner in the petrochemical and process industry and also deliver products made by Jeavons. For almost every application we can help you find the right product. Whether you are looking for actuators, Gas meters, gas controls, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, ball valves or other products like Jeavons in the petrochemical en process industry. Controls Supply Chain always finds a product that is suitable for your application.

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Jeavons Regulators

Jeavons Regulators

Jeavons M2R
Jeavons MR
Jeavons MAF
Jeavons J125
Jeavons J125B
Jeavons J123
Jeavons J123HP
Jeavons 1800B2 Series Pressure Regulators
Jeavons 1800CPB2 Series Regulators
Jeavons 3000 Series Regulators
Jeavons 040 Series Field regulator
Jeavons 60DJ, 80DJ & 150DJ
Jeavons Absolut-ENCODER AE2
Jeavons Absolut-ENCODER MI-2
Jeavons Absolut-ENCODER S1
Jeavons Absolut-ENCODER S1D
Jeavons ACM communication modules
Jeavons Analyser cabinets
Jeavons Analyser skids
Jeavons Axial Flow Valve
Jeavons Biogas grid injection systems
Jeavons BK-G1.6 – BK-G6
Jeavons BK-G10 – BK-G25
Jeavons BK-G40, BK-G65, BK-G100
Jeavons CheckSonic-vx
Jeavons Chekker
Jeavons DL210
Jeavons DL230
Jeavons EK220
Jeavons EK280
Jeavons EM260
Jeavons EnCal 3000
Jeavons EnCal 3000 analyser – near total-sulphur
Jeavons EnCal 3000 Biogas
Jeavons EnCal 3000 controller
Jeavons EnCal 3000 H2S
Jeavons EnCal 3000 HCDP
Jeavons EnCal 3000 THT
Jeavons enCore FC1
Jeavons enSuite
Jeavons ExMFE Simulator
Jeavons FE260
Jeavons Filters
Jeavons gas-lab Q1
Jeavons gas-net C1
Jeavons gas-net C2
Jeavons gas-net D1
Jeavons gas-net F1
Jeavons gas-net M1
Jeavons HR
Jeavons IN-Z61
Jeavons IRM-1
Jeavons IRM-3 DUO
Jeavons J120
Jeavons J42
Jeavons J48 (2½ up to 6 inch size)
Jeavons J48 (up to 2 inch size)
Jeavons J48K
Jeavons J78
Jeavons J90
Jeavons Mobile test installation MTI
Jeavons Model 2000
Jeavons MR HP20
Jeavons MR PN 10
Jeavons NDAF
Jeavons Q – Quantometer
Jeavons Q.Sonic
Jeavons Q.Sonic-plus
Jeavons Q75 – Quantometer
Jeavons QA / QAe – Quantometer
Jeavons RABO G16 – G250
Jeavons RVG G16 – G400
Jeavons RVG-ST G10-G25
Jeavons S100
Jeavons S200
Jeavons S300
Jeavons Silencer
Jeavons SM-RI-2
Jeavons SM-RI-X
Jeavons Smart Valve
Jeavons Supervisory Suite ISS
Jeavons Test-Rigs
Jeavons themis-alpha
Jeavons themis-log
Jeavons themis-plus
Jeavons TRZ2
Jeavons TurbinScope®
Jeavons WinLOOK
Jeavons WinPADS
Jeavons ZR(E)
Jeavons ZRH



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