RMG 372 Gas pressure regulator

The RMG 372 gas pressure regulator consists of the main valve body on one side and the operating control and safety shut-offs on the other. According to the diaphragm, the final regulation component of the main valve is at the same pressure level. Different diameters of the seat of the valve are open. The purpose of the gas pressure regulator is to monitor the tension in the outlet side of the tube–within certain predefined limits–and to compensate for adjustments in gas consumption and/or inlet stress.
There are also a range of multi-size actuators available. Depending on the output level, a pilot may be supplied with or without a separately adjustable auxiliary pressure stage. The pressure difference between the inlet pressure pu and the outlet pressure pd gives auxiliary power to the actuator. Change the auxiliary power to change the stationary amplification by changing the fuel pressure regulator to the different control line conditions. There is a fine filter available to protect the pilot from dirt. The current pressure pd is transferred to the bottom of the control diaphragm through the return line. This way, shifts in the outlet tension pd directly influence the opening actions of the final control object. The pilot shall be provided with the outlet tension pd through the measurement table.
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RMG 372 Gas pressure regulator

The measuring diaphragm of the control stage detects the current outlet pressure pd and compares it to the pd spring target. If this correlation detects any deviations from the regulated pressure, the system will change the fixed pressure in order to adjust the output pressure (actual value) to the defined point by adjusting the opening position of the throttling diaphragm. If the flow rate is zero, the unit screens are bubble-tight. The RMG 372 gas pressure controller can be supplied with or without a functional safety shut-off unit (SSV). The actuator regulates the pd gas level regulator which allows the SSV to shut down in case of overpressure (or possibly underpressure).



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