RMG 402 Gas pressure regulator

The RMG 402 gas stress regulator has been designed with the goal of keeping the output tension of the gaseous medium in the mains steady and free of detrimental effects such as adjustments in the inlet pressure and flow rate. The system can be provided with an incorporated or a different pilot module. The independent pilot (RMG 630 RMG 640) is linked to the key regulator by several pulse and working boards. The upstream buffer prevents the pilot from impurities.
A defense cut-off feature can also be mounted in the regulators originally supplied without a security cut-off. The small number of integral parts allows easy maintenance of the control assembly: the top part of the body can be easily removed and the control diaphragm, the only control item exposed to injury, can be quickly checked without having to remove the control diaphragm from the board. The protection cutting system can also be separated very quickly from the main valve body by merely screwing off the retaining screws. The final control component operates with a special diaphragm valve control system. The command diaphragm sits on a spreading segment with a triangular sealing rim. The closing spring has the power to close the shut-off of the null current.
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RMG 402 Gas pressure regulator

Noise reduction can be achieved by adding a metal foam ring as an optional feature under the special version of the expansion plate. Nonetheless, this trade would reduce the coefficient of flow rate (KG value) by roughly. Fifteen fold. Fifteen million. The outlet pressure to be controlled is fed to the pilot by the measuring pulse. The double diaphragm system measures the true exit tension as a force below the diaphragm and relates it to the strength of the pre-adjusted rate. When this contrast shows differences in the real outlet pressure with the preset value, the pilot can respond by changing the tension when the expansion component surface is adjusted as openly as possible to match the outlet pressure to the preset value.



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