RMG 835 Safety relief valve

RMG 512 is a pilot-operated gas pressure regulator in compliance with DIN EN 334 (operating with auxiliary power from the inlet pressure range). RMG 512 is the ideal software tool for gas transmission stations for power plants and commercial installations. The system is well designed to gas turbines owing to its excellent control dynamics. Reverse flow security may be provided as an alternative. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at info@controlssupplychain.com. 835




RMG 835 Safety relief valve

The design is robust and simple. The system has large KG values for tube size due to axial flow. Only possible with decreased KG values for optimal tolerance to operating conditions. If required, 512 can be supplied with DN= DN inlet or with a noise-reducing outlet. The module is ideal for complicated pneumatic and electrical automation systems. Fail-close and Fail-open functions are also usable. RMG 512 is installed into the main valve inlet of the spheroid graphite body and comprises of a temperature sensor, a locking system, a locking frame and a valve seat in the main valve case. The closing body is normally held in an open position. The ball switch is positioned between two snap-in pins fixed to the external neck on which the lock body lies. The push rod above the ball switch is connected to the temperature sensor built as a fountain made of the so-called metallic memory. The metal spring cover has gap elements that cause the ambient temperature to directly affect the sensor. The SAV control unit measures the output stress (internal or external) at the point of measurement. The SAV measurement diaphragm switches into the correct release location when one of the defined release stress levels is achieved, the ball release mechanism unlocks the valve rod and the SAV control component scales closely.



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