RMG 330 Gas pressure regulator

The RMG 330 gas pressure regulator (operating directly without auxiliary power) has the function of maintaining the outlet pressure of the gas medium in the connected outlet side of the pipeline (regulated segment). This is largely consistent, regardless of interventional conditions, such as adjustments in inlet pressure and/or shifts in fuel take-off.The full working system is easy to remove from the GPR actuator housing when the screw fasteners are loosened and visually inspected during service rounds. In the event of a failure, the operational equipment can be easily replaced by new controlled systems and the required maintenance work is moved from the gas pressure regulator to the laboratory. The actuator of the control unit may have specific diameters of the location of the valve. Pressure-equalized variants of the valve bench. The regulator system can optionally be equipped with an SBV leakage gas or a safety diaphragm. The outlet pressure to be managed is regulated via the GPR and SSV control lines.

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RMG 330 Gas pressure regulator

Unit tracks the actual outlet stress level and contrasts it with the specified spring quality. The regulatory variation has a direct effect on the location of the actuator via the valve screw. The subsequent adjustment in the present allows the real exit stress level to be equalized with the setpoint. The process is securely at zero consumption and the pressure of closure is unchanged. When the outlet pressure in the controlled section reaches or drops below the trigger stress, the inlet side safety valve actuator prevents the stream of the air. The SSV diaphragm with the toggle sleeve moves in the correct position of the rotor, remove the SSV valve rod from the ball ratchet device and activate the SSV actuator. The SSV can be changed manually only if the output pressure at the measurement point differs from the trigger voltage set-up to the given reset variations.



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