RMG 630 Pilot for gas pressure regulators

The RMG 630-F Pneumatic Pilot with the Electric Remote Range Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Point RMG 402, RMG 502, RMG 503 as per DIN EN 334. The RMG 630-FF is used, accompanied by an external stress restriction drop in the working pressure chamber). The inlet tension at the bottom of the main diaphragm pushes the diaphragm outward, removing as much as is required to change the exit pressure. The validated and checked RMG 630-F or SAV RMG 630-F is used as a safety shut-off valve (SAV) for nominal widths of DN 25/25 or greater. For a comprehensive description of the SAV, as well as specifics on the adjustment and reset of the SAV, see the relevant product information on the RMG systems and the associated operation and repair guides for the RMG devices, as well as the brochures on the appropriate functions. The SAV closes each time the stress exceeds or drops below the defined reaction level.

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RMG 402 l RMG 502 l RMG 503 l RMG 505

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RMG 630 Pilot for gas pressure regulators

The fuel pressure regulator designed to maintain constant exhaust pressure within certain limits, independent of interfering factors such as input pressure and flow rate shift. The pilot who feeds the load stress to the main diaphragm to adjust its opening location for the regulation of the gas flow within the main valve manages this control process. The amplifying valve in the double diaphragm control system is activated at null flow. Inlet pressure should prevail in the charging chamber above the main diaphragm due to the action of the throttling valve upstream of the pilot which ensures pressure compensation. The closing spring has the power to ensure that the null stream is tightly shut down. The valve in the pilot control unit decreases the mounting pressure needed to activate the lever.



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