RMG 638-EP Pilot for gas pressure regulators

The RMG 638-EP fuel pressure regulator is the prototype pd min max with the Fuel Pressure Gas Regulator Electrical Pneumatic Loading Phase with the Gas Pressure Regulator with the RMG 402, RMG 502, RMG 503, RMG 505 DIN EN 334 model piper. Used as load pressure upstream of the adjustable load-bearing phase amplifier valve, the input tension is provided by the fine mesh filter RMG 905 and the adaptable throttle of the RMG 638-EP. A comparison between the calculated spring stress and the actual value (load-bearing force) is rendered on the double diaphragm module.
Compared to the output pressure force, the force of the setting point spring defines the pressure limit level of the load reached on the top side of the measuring diaphragm in the same way. As a consequence, the stress level above the outlet pressure remains constant even if the outlet pressure increases. The approved software DIN-EN 334 controls the lower (uninterrupted supply) pressure limit value and the upper (max. operating pressure). Master automation systems should vary the performance pressure as needed between these two limitations (pilot control pdmin and pilot control pdmax set). The RMG 638-EP pilot allows remote control of pressure and flow management functions in tandem with the master automation system.
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RMG 638-EP Pilot for gas pressure regulators

Approved technology DIN-EN 334 regulates the total performance (max. operational pressure). Master automation systems can adjust the performance stress between these two limits (setting thresholds for the pdmin pilot control level, pdmax pilot control stage). The RMG 638-EP pilot makes remote controlled pressure and flow control operations in conjunction with the master automation system. In compliance with DIN EN 334, the pilot is an integral part of this device in conjunction with the PED and GAD Registers.



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