RMG 673

RMG 673 is a safety shut-off valve actuator. Unlike RMG 672, RMG673 is a direct acting class (K 1a, K 2a, K 2a/1, K 2a/2) acting class. The RMG673 unit has the highest pdmin priority. The pdmin process is therefore given priority over the parameters of the master automation system and the pneumatic pdmax phase. When operating conditions cause the outlet pressure to drop, the amplifier valve will open when the minimum outlet pressure is reached. Gas flows through the bleed line into the outlet chamber. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at info@controlssupplychain.com. K1a l K2a

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RMG 673

The regulated pressure is provided by the pulse line at the top of the highly sensitive dual-diaphragm system and correlates with the pressure of the fixed-point mechanism. The amplifier is placed in a normal operating environment. The tube configuration is depressurized by control of the voltage itself. The amp valve opens from the measuring line to the pressure converter when the line pressure increases to the given RMG 670 actuator over-pressure limit (or decreases to the underphrase limit of the RMG 671 actuator).



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