GROVE Ball Valves

Grove Ball Valves provides large diameter valves for use in natural gas, LNG, crude oil and refined products transmission lines as well as in many other general industrial applications.

GROVE® Trunnion Ball Valves
B4 Side Entry Bolted Body Ball Valve
B5 Side Entry Bolted Body Ball Valve
B7 Side Entry Bolted Body Ball Valve
B8 Fully Welded Body Ball Valve
BT1 Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve
BT2 Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve
The GROVE® Split Body Side Entry Ball Valves become in a wide range of diameters and pressure classes. The standard versions of these valves are specified for transmission pipelines, pig traps, pumping, compression and re-injection units, offshore platforms, onshore terminals, measuring stations and surge relief skids.

If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at
B4 l B5 l B7 l B8 l BT

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GROVE Ball Valves


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