FLS gate valve

The FLS gate valve is part of the F Series of valves, which have been used in manufacturing and drilling since 1958. Many of the FLS’s characteristics are shared with our original Type F gate valve, such as full- and internally flushed bore and forged construction, metal-to-metal sealing, a slab gate, and design simplicity. The FLS design utilizes the most recent technology in materials and seal design in areas such as seat and stem seals. The FLS gate valve is well-known for being a high-quality valve capable of withstanding harsh circumstances. It’s a through-conduit valve with pressure ratings ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 psi and bore diameters ranging from 1 13/16 to 11 in. The FLS is our standard valve for delicate applications such as severe sourness and subsea. It may also include one of our actuators.

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Metal-to-metal sealing is one of the FLS gate valve’s advantages. Design simplicity ensures reliability. Sealing in both directions Backseat stem, No longitudinal preload or exact spaceout are required with its nonelastomeric, spring-loaded, pressure-energized stem seal. Seat design that is unique, Lip seals that serve a variety of purposes: As an extra layer of protection against pollutants and debris, Maintaining contact between the gate and the seats, removing body cavity clearance while keeping the slab gate’s downstream sealing function. Qualification testing to API 6A, Annex F (PR-2) and Annex I (Class II), optional torque multiplier Enhancing sealing integrity at extremely low differential pressures, where low bearing stresses tend to restrict the efficacy of the metal-to-metal seal.