Low-flow valve PULSE LF

To inject low-dose inhibitors, the PULSE LF low-flow ultrasonic chemical injection metering valve (CIMV) uses an ultrasonic flowmeter and a precision needle valve in closed-loop or open-loop position control (e.g., for wax, scale, corrosion). It can handle flow rates ranging from 0.07 galUS/h to 159 galUS/h [0.25 L/h to 600 L/h], and it can be recovered by a ROV whether it’s horizontally or vertically positioned.

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A debris-tolerant, microbore, nonintrusive, line-of-sight ultrasonic flowmeter with no moving components is used in the PULSE LF CIMV. It is pressure independent and has a very low native pressure drop, unlike a Venturi type flowmeter. The flowmeter has a very high turndown ratio and stable accuracy (better than 2%). (up to 2,400:1).The flow of the chemical through the system is controlled by a precise needle valve. The needle features an equal % flow curve, which allows for superior control across a wide flow range. It is regulated by the feedback from the ultrasonic flowmeter via the onboard closed-loop control algorithm and is actuated by an electric actuator that offers extremely precise system adjustment.