RMG 900 Filter

RMG 900 is a pre-heater for gas that is electrically explosive. The unit is used mainly for heating purposes, and the gas flow is provided through an aluminum cast steel pipe tube. The RMG 900 gas stream passes through an aluminum steel pipe. The heat transfer is induced by the heating of the unit self-regulating electrical heater in the aluminum plate.

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RMG 900 Filter

RMG 900 can be installed everywhere. The preheater can be used for non-offensive chemicals. The preheater for electric gas can be installed (maintain a wall gap of 100 mm) in all positions. The aluminum block is neither coated nor additionally heated–the range between the linking pipe and the pneumatic pilot should be 250 mm. The outlet strain normally equals the spring power and the amplifying valve is locked. The pressure cap shall be supplied to the pilot control stage for maximum outlet pressure and to the pilot’s electrical-pneumatic pressure loading point.



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