RMG 901 Filter

RMG 901 is a preheater for pneumatic gas with a transition function (Vortex Tube). The system is fully autonomous as no extra energy (Ranque-Hilsch effect) is needed for preheating. Simple design guides and a Vortex tube without shifting internal sections are included in RMG 901. The machine has Easy integration with the limited tubing needed in existing gas pressure control systems. The RMG 901 is also equipped with an optional pneumatic control unit. The inlet pressure is given by a fine mesh filter and adjustable gas and is available as a loading pressure upstream of the automated load-limiting stage amplifier valve.
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RMG 901 Filter

On the dual-diaphragm device, a distinction can be rendered between the engineered setpoint (spring pressure) and the actual value (load restricting pressure). The gas flow through the load-restricting stage causes a loss of energy at the throttle and therefore a decrease in pressure through the actuator diaphragm of the gas pressure regulator. The pdmin stage then executes the monitoring role and maintains the outlet pressure steady. The pdmax level and the electro-pneumatic pressure stage of the pilot are circumvented.



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