RMG 703/704 Safety shut-off valves

The protection cut-off valve RMG 703/704 is built to automatically shut down the flow in the gas pressure control systems when the voltage in the region to be covered exceeds a higher (overpressure) or lower (underpressure) reaction pressure. The double protection shut-off device RMG 703 comprises of two different working assemblies. DVGW Worksheet 491 includes the deployment of two self-operating SAVs by gas pressure control systems with pemax-pazul > 16 bar and pemax / pacul > 1.6. The architecture of the safety valve RMG 704 is the same as that of the SAV RMG 703, except for a separate SAV. The RMG 703/704 safety shut-off valve consists primarily of the main valve assembly, the hardware, the function and the bypass valve parts. The two solutions are especially maintenance-friendly. Dispersion of each working assembly is feasible, while the central framework of the valve remains in place.
The pressure to be controlled is added to the countervailing diaphragm in the control device and is adjusted to the reference values of the spring environment. If the overpressure or underpressure is carried out by way of the reaction pressure system, the compensating diaphragm and the activating function of the switchgear are withdrawn and the locking mechanism is activated. The actuator instead locks the shut-off button.
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RMG 703/704 Safety shut-off valves

Only when the outlet pressure is below (after release of pmax) or above (after release of pmin) the reset gap is needed, the valve stem is opened and closed by hand. The pressure of the safe device is controlled by the responsive double diaphragm mechanism via the measuring line and is compared to the reference values given by the spring power of the setpoint. The amplifier valve remains closed in normal operating conditions.



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