RMG 850 Safety relief valve

The safety valve RMG 850 was designed to activate automatically as soon as the pressures of the system to be protected and regulated reach the pre-adjustment level. The safety valve comprises a main valve and a measurement device. The key valve is a regulation element and the piston assembly is a complete integrated kit. To prevent contamination of the measuring device and the bleed drain, an upstream filter is mounted.The traveling sleeve and the cone of the valve are attached to the control part. The drawback of the design of RMG 850 is that the gas flows immediately without deviation and only the axial forces are applied. The traveling sleeve is adjusted for pressure, to a large extent, so as not to display the reaction output of the valve when changing operation speed.
The RMG 850 piston connector has a set attachment to the control unit valve shell. All chambers are exposed to the same pressure in the base position and the valve is kept closed in compliance with the frequency of the closing process. The strong precision of the protection relief valve RMG 850 is based on the fact that the measurement machine is fitted with a flexible double diaphragm system with an amplifying mechanism between the diaphragms.
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RMG 850 Safety relief valve

Relative to the pressure of the pre-adjusted spring setting level, the pressure to be regulated by the RMG 850 is added to the lower side of the twin-skin unit via the pulse line of measurement. The amplification valve is locked in normal operating conditions; the strain in the upper and lower diaphragm chambers is similar. The valve in the double-diaphragm system activates when the pressure to be measured reaches the predetermined point of the measurement unit and thus decreases the pressure in the piston chamber below the piston. The RMG 850 pressures on the top of the piston outlet system force the sleeve against the strength of the closing spring in the opening direction.



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