RMG 846 Safety relief valve

In order to automatically release the excess gas pressure, the protection relief valve RMG 846 was programmed as soon as the pressure in the protective structure exceeded the predetermined reaction pressure level. The stresses in the line will be raised again after the end point has been reduced. The RMG 846 is used as a leakage relief valve. The valve is installed downstream of an unintended spill (i.e. the gas pressure regulator does not provide a stable shut-off at zero flow) in order to prevent the shut-off valve (SSV) from functioning as a major safety device. The strain in the control system is transmitted to the bottom of the diaphragm through the calculating force axis, while the tension of the set point motion is retained on the top side of the diaphragm. The diaphragm and the diaphragm plate are pushed up from the valve seat so that the gas will escape into the release line if the air pressure rises to the maximum pressure mark. When the pressure drops below the reaction pressure mark, the relief valve shuts down again once the pressure at the closing pressure level is reduced. The spring chamber is attached to the discharge line by a hole so that a separate ventilation line can not be installed. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at info@controlssupplychain.com.




RMG 846 Safety relief valve

Once the pressure differential between the upper end of the piston (pressure in the heat exchanger) and the intermediate chamber (pressure controlled by the control unit) is created, the SSV shuts off, increasing the pressure of the valve spring. The valve plate is tightly pushed down on the sitting valve and creates a pressure-resistant barrier that cuts off the connection. In the remote signal form, the valve plate closure is electrically decided. If the pressure in the heat exchanger (above the valve plate) fell below the reaction pressure of the control unit (SSV response pressure minus0,3 to 1 bar), the shut-off protection system (SSV) would be re-opened. Depending on the temperature of the hot water line, the remote indication system is available in two different designs. It can’t be changed anymore.



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