Masoneilan 72000 Series Large Mass Flow / Noise Reduction Valve

The Masoneilan 72000 Series is a fabricated angle valve for precise capacity control while efficiently reducing noise and outlet velocities using single or multiple cages in high capacity and high-pressure letdown gas applications.


The flexibility of a fabricated valve body enables custom-engineered solutions, including large differences between the inlet and outlet sizes to handle downstream gas expansion and noise attenuation. The Masoneilan Lo-dB low noise trim and V-LOG Energy Management Trim are available for noise and vibration control in severe high expansion ratio applications. Benefits include:

  • Flexibility allows for customized solutions for high mass flow applications.
  • Field-proven technologies offer efficient process control and noise attenuation.
  • Support for customized flow characteristics and the use of expanded outlets enhances operational performance.
  • Masoneilan Lo-dB trim and V-LOG Energy Management Trim offer efficient process control and improved noise reduction capabilities.


The Masoneilan 72000 Series valve is for high capacity, high-pressure letdown applications including:

  • Compressor anti-surge.
  • Gasto-flare to atmosphere.
  • Other venting applications.