FLS-DAN gate valve

The FLS-DAN gate valve is designed for positive control of gate valves in a range of drilling applications. In this design, a FLS extreme service API 6A slab-style gate valve is coupled with a double-acting hydraulic actuator. The FLS gate valve is well-known for its high quality and suitability for demanding applications. The FLS-DAN gate valve is a fullbore, through-conduit valve available in double flange, threaded-end, and unusual block body configurations. A balanced lower stem works in tandem with a double acting hydraulic actuator to provide positive, consistent control throughout the valve’s stroke. In the case of a hydraulic power loss, this valve will remain open.

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The FLS-DAN gate valve offers the following benefits: A double-acting actuator that opens and closes with hydraulic power, ensuring positive control throughout operations. The balancing stem allows the gate to remain in position unless hydraulic pressure is applied to the actuator to positively open or close the valve. There are forged valve bodies available with pressure ratings ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 psi and bore diameters ranging from 1 13/16 to 4 1/16 in. Positive metal-to-metal sealing (gate-to-seat and seat-to-body), bidirectional flow for increased service life and versatility.Two spring-loaded, pressure-energized, nonelastomeric lip seals that help in low-pressure sealing and guard against particle contamination of the body cavity and seal regions are located between each seat and body. A stem seal design that can withstand a wide variety of pressures, temperatures, and fluids used in wellhead and manifold duty.