FLS-S gate valve

For API 6A applications, the FLS-S gate valve was designed using features from our FLS gate valve model, such as forged construction, metal-to-metal sealing, slab-style gate, stem seal, and seat design. The ability to perform a single dual-seat seal test is the most advantageous feature of the split gate design of the FLS-S gate valve. The split gate design is available for all FLS and FLS-R valve pressure ratings and bore sizes. In contrast to the FLS gate valve, the FLS-S gate valve has two slab gates in the same valve chamber, allowing a flowline seal test to be done on both flow directions at the same time. Depending on the valve actuation technique (manual or power), the two gates are mechanically activated by providing torque or spring pressures to achieve the first sealing.

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When completing the seal test, the two gates are first mechanically activated to generate the first sealing. The test pressure is then added and released via the bonnet grease fitting, which is positioned behind the stem backseat. When completing a dual-seal test at full working pressure, the valve should not be stroked. To prevent over-torque and make pin replacement easier, a genuine shear pin is installed in the valve handwheel adapter. Customers all over the world may choose from a variety of indication unit alternatives from Controls Supply Chain. Controls Supply chain has considerable expertise in the petrochemical and process sectors, as well as the installation industry. We offer both large and small customers with a wide range of products and brands. Please contact us if you need actuators, chart recorders, differential pressure units, flow computers, indicators, switches, transmitters, or valves. If the product you want is not featured on our website, we may obtain it for your business.