RMG Rotary displacement meter RMG 132-A

The RMG 132-A rotary displacement meter is designed to be used for volumetric gas measurement. The rotary displacement meter shall be a meter and a totalizer. The pressure drop (resulting from the gas flow) allows the spinning pistons to spin in the measuring portion. Rotating pistons often isolate and transfer specific amounts of gas from the inlet to the measuring outlet. Precision gears control the rotation of the pistons. The high quality of the RMG 132-A rotating displacement meters and the housing provides a near but non-contact seal between the rotating pistons and between the rotating pistons and the shell.

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G 40 l G 65 l G 100 l G160

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RMG Rotary displacement meter RMG 132-A

The rotations are transmitted via a magnetic link to the pressless clock of the totalizer, where the rotations are applied and then shown as volume on the optical index (m3, ft3). The totalizer is rotary installed and can be adjusted according to the accompanying flow path of the gas meter. The totalizer can be equipped with LF and HF pulsers. We generate an electrical signal that is further analyzed by the necessary additional equipment.



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