322C dp switch

The unit is connected to the primary device’s LP and HP ends (orifice screen, venturi, or flow tube) for fluid applications in the operated system. For the liquid concentration, the DPU is connected to assess the changes in DP produced when the liquid concentration changes. These changes are used to control the button’s operation. The electrical alarm or control unit loop is connected to the button (mounted on the DPU). The motion of the DPU button actuates the shift scheme when the DP approaches a pre-set quantity.
The standard condition for sensors and switches is aluminum die-cast with a distinctive gray epoxy color. Models 316C and 450C have weatherproof cases, while designs 226C, 227C and IT / ITS have a ranked NEMA-4/IP65 case. The Model 232C has a 304 tubular steel frame. Models 290D, 322C, 752, 753, and IT / ITS series pick designs have explosion-proof cases. Optional non-indicating “blind” plug cases and 316 stainless steel cases (for offshore / corrosive environments) are available for select models.
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290D l 322C l 752 l 753

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322C dp switch

DP indicators, DP switches, IT / ITS / IS Series DP signaling transmitters / switches, and explosion-proof electronic generators are accessible for differential stress, flow rate, and liquid density applications in a variety of safe working conditions and DP measurements.


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