RMG Totalizer index ENCO

For the transition of control of mechanical totalizers (Vo) and in compliance with the calibration requirements, the ENCO 08 absolute encoder is used to monitor the measured values (digital counter-reading transmission). Transfers are rendered to devices such as volume rectifiers or data loggers for assessment. The ENCO 08 is attached to the totaliser by means of a gear wheel. The rotation shall be moved to the ENCO 08 encoder shaft when the number wheel is rotated. The Wiegand sensor module measures the full totalizer by magnetic testing. The ENCO is equipped with a mechanical multiturn to track the inputs and outputs of the totaliser panel. The internal Wiegand sensor system provides the energy needed for imaging and permanent storing of the reading of the meter. Accordingly, ENCO 08 is fully self-powered, no battery or electricity is needed for operation.

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RMG Totalizer index ENCO

When a volume corrector is attached, it also provides the necessary provision for the digital transmission of measurement readings (EZD protocol). The serial interface of the NAMUR is one-way and reaction-free. Entry to this and other current applications is only available by removing a lock. The ENCO 08 is set to run function. The original criteria (e.g. “set totalizer read”) are already carried out by the licensed RMG calibration center in the factory. There is also no need for more criteria during on-site commissioning. The circuitry consists of the Wiegand power-generating sensor (Wegand sensor module), the counting logic (ASIC and Hall sensor) and the FRAM clock.



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