RMG Volumeter TRZ 03 K

The TRZ03-K Volumeter is a flow meter suitable for gas measurement, where the flow rate is measured by a mechanical totalizer under the predominant pressure and temperature in the volume units (cubic meters under river conditions).The gas flow is restricted to an increasing cross-section and is driven by a coaxial turbine rotor. The speed of the turbine wheel is reduced by the gear, which is proportional to the flow rate and transmitted to the machine table. The number of turns is limited by the gear in the meter handle, which can be adjusted by selecting the correct pair of gears to give the mechanic totalizer the cubic meters under flow conditions.

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RMG Volumeter TRZ 03 K

The reed brush (or inductive sensor) on the mechanical totalizer produces low-frequency bursts that are proportional to the number of volumes under actual conditions. The TRZ03-K can be fitted with high-frequency inductive sensors monitoring the turbine roller (HF 3) and the reference wheel (HF 2) for large nominal measurements and higher pressure levels. The reference disk is a cam wheel on the same shaft as the generator wheel that powers the turbine engine.



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