The low-pressure 1800 Series models have an intrusion pressure of 150 psi and are supplied with outlet pressures from 3.5″ w.c. to 5 psi. The 2000 High-pressure Series models allow a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and outlet pressures from.5 psi to 15 psi at the outlet pressure level.

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An implementation of a worker/monitor consists of an externally static communication monitor and an internal static connection working method. The controller chosen for the display is set to 2″ to 5″ w.c. Above the worker. Above the worker. At a tumultuous position and ideally a minimum of five tubing diameters downstream the external static link is connected. Four industrial surveillance regulators are established by Controls Supply Chain: 1803M, 2003M, 1883M and 2083M. The changes to the specification now allow all models as Display Regulators to be configured. This reform came into effect after January 1994 in both 1800 and 2000 series control systems. The bonus is that there is no need to store two versions of the same controller. A monitor conversion kit is pre-machined for all models. For package numbers and configuration instructions see IMP 8740. When an OPSO-converted control unit is converted to a display, a sensor line has to stretch downstream, as seen in the chart right.The 1800 Series models with lower pressures have a maximum input pressure of 150 psi and give output pressures of between 3.5″ w.c. and 5 psi. The 2000 Series of hydraulic models allow for a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and an outlet pressure varying between 1.5 psi and 15 psi.Pressure management and automated shutdown systems are available in a single complete kit on a number of Industrial Regulator series 1800 and 2000 models (see page 5) for the safety of public buildings, schools, theaters, hospitals, etc. One of these regulators automatically provides protection against significant changes of the pressure of the inlet or outlet steam.



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