The pressure regulator 1800B2 is intended to be used for natural gas and has a compact, easy-to-install, lightweight build. A large range of exhaust pressure and flow speeds are given by interchangeable orifices. The working temperature range is -20 degrees F to 150 degrees F (-30 degrees F to 65 degrees C) and the maximum flow is SCFH 2,500 (70.8 m3/h).

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The Pressure Controls of the Series 1800B2 was designed to regulate domestic, light-duty and industrial applications of natural gas, air, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, propane vapor and other non-corrosive gases. The operating temperature in both models agree with ANSI Code B109. 4-1998 and CGA Service form Regulator Requirements CAN/CGA-6.18-M95, The regulation wind vent opening must be headed down (7.00 pm), in order to minimise the risk of ice and snow trapping, if not po. If there is not an outlet pressure between a 3.5″W.C. and a PSIG of 2.0 pm, the operating temperature range is -20°F to 150°F (- 30°C to 65 °C).The E.C. orifice is recommended for installations where the inlet pressure may vary over a wide range.This is the E.C. Overpressure Shutoff (OPSO) — works on its own The user shuts off the OPSO, creating a large opening of the incoming wind to keep the control mechanism working properly. OPSO is available on two sizes: 1/8″ X 3/16″ and 4/16″ The capability of the aperture are the same as the normal opening of the same scale.This permits the shut-off spring (F) to force the shut-off disc (G) against the back side of the special double-ended orifice.



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