The pressure regulator RMG Series 1800CPB2 has a compact, lightweight construction design for simple and easy installation, and is designed for natural gas applications. The 1800CPB2 interface consists of a primary controller and the pilot control system. A fluid-down, pressurized regulator designed for accurate and continuous pressure regulation in the outlet measurement process.

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With a constent outlet pressure (1 to 30 PSIG) of 1 ± 1 percent of the absolute fixed pressure over a wide spectrum of flow speeds, the regulator is able to handle variable inlet pressures up to 125 PSIG. The key controller is usually closed and supplied with a single spring (for all outlet pressure). The pilot controller outlet line mounts to the main controller vent and attachment tube supplies the pilot controller inlet pressure. The protective finish on the 1800CPB2 series control systems is better resisted than any other industry to corrosive effects by the weather and harsh environments. In both insides and out of each precision diecast aluminum regulator, a special conversion coating is treated which is part of a seven-stage exclusive finishing procedure.The oxidation of the metal surface, ultimately compromising the integrity of the metal, is greated by this coating. It also avoids cracking and blistering of finished paint. A single-coat polyester base and strong solid polyurethane cover shield all the outside regulator surfaces for a long-lasting time. The conversion coating process of the American Meter meets all environmental standards. Each 1800CPB2 series of controllers features a high-power cast-iron valve body with high strength and additional heavy wall thickness. This provides maximum strength to withstand damage-free installation stress and prevents aluminum thread galling. The valve bodies of the Series 1800CPB2 are processed by a process of five-step metal finishing. The processed metal is a single-coat polyester-colored base.



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