BD-RMG 260 Gas pressure regulator

The BD-RMG 260 water level regulator is ideal for use in gas systems, industrial and commercial offshore stations. With the ability to mount various diameters of the seat mechanism, it gives quick reactivity. This comes with a reverse lever and a spring-loaded measurement tool. The key feature is that the outlet pressure is below 1 psig in the case of complete control loss and optimum boor relief. The power of the BD-RMG 260 is experience and unmatched support capabilities. Designed specifically for safe and reliable low-pressure installations in retail, light commercial and light industrial applications for gas service. Type 240 is a high-pressure diaphragm control device that works directly. Pressure cuts of up to 2600 sfh or 75 m3/hr at relatively low flow rates. CAN / CGA Standard 6.18 has been accepted. Okay, accepted. Use in faith with all existing and produced non-corrosive gases. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at

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BD-RMG 260 Gas pressure regulator

The control kit is also fitted with a thermal sensor that shuts off the valve automatically, thus shutting off the gas supply if the system is exposed to a temperature above 206 degrees F (97 degrees C).



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