BD-RMG 680 „Vector ModuleTM“

BD-RMG 680 “Vector Module™” is a Below-ground Compact Module. It contains all the elements necessary for a traditional gas pressure reduction station. The module is designed for use on gas distribution systems for underfloor installations that simplify planning by reducing the need for mains diversion. The Vent Stack above ground contains ventilator pipes for atmospheric reference pressure and valve. BD-RMG 680’Vector ModulTM is equipped with alternative vent stacks for various types of devices, pressure recording or control systems.

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BD-RMG 680 „Vector ModuleTM“

The Module is planned to be used in gas distribution systems and is primarily designed to be mounted below ground level, to improve preparation by mitigating the need for mains diversion, decreasing housing costs, reducing noise levels and substantially reducing the risk of vandalism.



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