The Controls Supply Chain RMG Qu. advanced Sonicplus’s metering technologies are the next generation of ultrasonic flow meter technology and our response to industry requirements. The Q.Sonicplus’ proprietary architecture removes the need for detailed commissioning, construction and health tests and is designed for smart medical diagnostics, which provide real-time analysis and flow profile patterns, sworn corners, asymmetry, turbulences and other real-world situations.

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Q.Sonicplus is the most important thing every day: safe, secure, precise and carefree calculation of the gas flow. That is why the Q.Sonicplus creates confidence. The gas industry today needs efficient metering technologies to reduce overall volatility. Under the controlled laboratory conditions of a calibration center, ultrasound meter technology will consistently provide accuracy values of up to 0,1 percent. However, operators must rest assured that the meter will maintain precision when set up in the region, and that it critically proceed precisely for several months or years to quantify natural gas? The Q.Sonicplus, which is designed to lay down the latest industry norm, promises unrivaled performance, power and confidence levels.The patented 6-way technology allows for in-depth flow measurement, outstanding immunity to noise, unrivaled pressures and speeds and advanced diagnostics to strengthen confidence and to promote a better gas balance. The heart of an ultrasonic flow meter is based upon three fundamental aspects: strong crisp signals, exacting transit time measurements and the ability to measure the flow profile within the meter The first element—sending strong signals reliably through gas. Modern titanium-encapsulated transducing devices in combination with the highly efficient technology for matching impedances provide high-power signals which well propagate in gases. The proprietary 6-way technology improves confidence and facilitates a better gas equilibrium, permits a profound flow calculation, excellent tolerance to noise, unrivaled pressures and speeds and state of the art diagnosis. On three fundamental dimensions the center of the ultrasonic flow meter is based: solid, crisp, challenging transit time measurements and the ability to calculate the flow profile within a meter. In conjunction with highly efficient technologies for matching impedances, modern titanium encapsulated transduction devices produce high power signals that propagate well in gas.



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