RMG 658-DP Pilot for gas pressure regulators

RMG 658 pilot comprises of operational elements integrated on the basic platform: first phase automated load restriction; second, regulation for minimal outlet pressure; 3rd phase, control phase for full outlet pressure; 4th phase is the electrical-pneumatic control process for electrical signal translation into pneumatic signals. In operation, when the values are hit, the correct stages take control and keep the pressure stable within the limits defined.

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658-DP l 915

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RMG 658-DP Pilot for gas pressure regulators

Switching from electronic control (driven through the electrical-pneumatic control process) to the outlet pressure limit through the pneumatic control phase is autonomous and without major transfer effects in either direction.The pilot control stage contrasts the exit pressure at the top of the diaphragm with the setpoint adjusted. As the output level is usually lower than the maximum pressure collection, the amplifier valve is opened. Pressure Limiting Load is sent directly to the electrical pneumatic pressure stage.



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