RMG 670/671

RMG 670 is SSV equipped for the use of safety equipment (SSV) and RMG 670 (K 16, K 18) and RMG 671 (K 17, K 19) actuators. Their job is to quickly close the key valve at gas pressure generator stations by shutting off the gas flow as the controlled levels increase above or below the predefined preset limits (e.g. RMG 711, RMG 721 and RMG 731). These instruments can also be used as a safety relief valve monitoring system (SBV, e.g. RMG 850) so that the pressure control exceeds the required automatic overpressure release level.
The benefit of these diaphragm-high-sensitivity actuators is that they have good response efficiency across a wide range of temperatures and are closely aligned with the response pressure to be regulated. The unit of calculation and foundation plate is made of the actuator. For the double diaphragm device in the measurement unit, a complete dump and amplifying function are mounted. The kit also contains the spring of the fitting point and the adjustment screw. Included in the base plate are the throttle valve and the touch lines in the actuator. The only variation in the position of the throttle valve is in the key configurations to protect and minimize the protection of the RMG 670 actuators.
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K16 l K17 l K18 lK19

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RMG 670/671

The regulated pressure is provided by the pulse line at the top of the highly sensitive dual-diaphragm system and correlates with the pressure of the fixed-point mechanism. The amplifier is placed in a normal operating environment. The tube configuration is depressurized by control of the voltage itself. The amp valve opens from the measuring line to the pressure converter when the line pressure increases to the given RMG 670 actuator over-pressure limit (or decreases to the underphrase limit of the RMG 671 actuator).



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