RMG 711 Safety shut-off valves

RMG 711 is a gas pressure control station safety device. The machine is ideal for use with G260 natural gas. RMG 711 In dual-diaphragm systems, the pressures to be regulated (Service Stress) must be contrasted with the setpoint value (Response Pressure Setpoint) as defined by the setpoint mechanism. When the optimum reaction pressure is achieved, the overpressure of the control factors K16 and K 18 allows the amplifying valve to be released. When the lower response level is achieved, the lower pressure at the K 17/K 19 control factor allows the amplifier valve to open simultaneously. In both situations, gas flows from the monitoring system to the pressure / force converter. The increased pressure forces the piston in the direction of the switching gear and separates the flap shaft from the pipe. The safety springs of the RMG 711 cause the SAV to be closed.
The protection unit for the monitoring feature of the gas pressure control station RMG 711 is a diaphragm or piston escape unit system (K 10a / K 11a) which is maintained by the springs. Both the overpressure and subpressure release settings (response pressure levels) can be adjusted without interference. Once the upper or lower reaction pressure is reached, the movement of the release control item is passed through the switch stem to the switch ring. Extends the valve flap shaft and stops the gas flow from the SAV valve flap.
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RMG 711 Safety shut-off valves

The magnet rod in RMG 711 is stretched by the rotation of the magnet against the friction of the closing motion. If the current supply fails, the turn stem must operate in working condition at the closing season. The magnet movement of the RMG 711 is conveyed via the switch stem to the release mechanism of the switching system. This refers to the closure of the SAV.



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