RMG 873 Safety relief valve

The safety relief valve (SBV) RMG 873 is designed to prevent excessive pressure on station components. This consists of the body parts that control the friction and the internal components that are necessary for service. The pressure to be regulated is added to the plate-designed valve comparator. If the device pressure reaches the pre-determined value of the pump, the valve is released and the gas is discharged through the outlet. The valve shuts automatically when the pressure is greater than the reaction pressure (adjusted value). The closing spring of the moving valve sleeve RMG 873 prevents overloading of the valve sealing disk as the pressure to be controlled reduces below a certain amount.
The pre-tensioned spring of the RMG 873 is balanced by the piston of the assembly. The modifying screw is modified to prevent unwanted modifications to the setpoint. The secured protective cap avoids undesired setpoint modifications. When the RMG 873 volume is under the pre-adjusted set point, the amplifying valve shuts down again to restore the balance in the chamber under the diaphragm. The protective relief valve RMG 873 shuts firmly when the pressure equilibrium in the lower and upper piston chambers prevails. The start-up valve should be kept open to pressurize the system (filling the outlet line with gas) in order to avoid unchecked flipping off the main valve.
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RMG 873 Safety relief valve

Once the RMG 873 outlet pressure has achieved a stable level, the touch valve can be opened again. Visual inspection is easily made possible for regular maintenance of the actuating item. In the event of failure, the actuation mechanisms can be replaced with new equipment and repair work can be carried out in the laboratory without the need to shut down the Gas Pressure Control System. These measurement devices relay their reaction to a column with a piston connecting rod (pressure transformer) which is shown in RMG 873. The rotation of the rod transforms into a flipping loop. Switch operation is done manually by pressing the Release button.



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