RMG 832 Safety relief valve

The RMG 832 is a spring-loaded safety valve (without additional energy from the input pressure) that works directly. The valve is used as an exhaust valve (SBV) for gas leakage and as a primary safety device in two versions. When used as a gas leak mechanism, the internal ventilation of the spring housing is provided. When the RMG 832 is used as a major safety device, the spring cabinet is fitted with a connection portion for a different external vent tube.
The protection relief valve (SBV) of the RMG 832 was designed to remove the gas flow automatically from the bearing side of the strain after the increased pressure in the unit to be shielded has been exceeded to the predetermined reaction pressure maximum. Once this pressure is smaller than the closing pressure limit, the RMG 832safety valve will be closed again. The calculating pressure is passed through the inlet connection to the measuring diaphragm and is linked to the force from the pre-adjusted source of the calculation. The valve opens and enables the gas to escape through the outlet line if the pressure inside the system to be covered rises above the predetermined reaction point.
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RMG 832 Safety relief valve

As soon as the pressure drops below the reaction pressure level in the protected unit, the relief valve RMG 832 shuts automatically. The friction spring to secure the valve seal from tension and prolonged damage relieves and compensates for the piston of the control components. The diaphragm is built to be a preformed diaphragm that guarantees good reaction efficiency even when the valve is subjected to low ambient temperatures. To order to absorb the lateral forces, the metal shoulder guides the RMG 832 Spring environment. As a safety relief valve for gas leakage, the device is designed as a high-precision winding mechanism.



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