200A dp indicator

Model M200A is a DP indicator powered by ’s M199 rupture-proof DPU. The indicating pointer travels over a6-inch (150 mm) dial through a 270 ° circle. Scales are calibrated in standardized increments for DP or liquid level measurement. Square root gradations are accessible for immediate flow rate testing and unique scales are accessible to indicate the amount of fluid in reservoirs.
Model M200A is widely used in the chemical / petroleum sectors for evaluating hot water stream, steam stripping, reflux levels and maintaining streams between multiple units. The Model M200A provides robust operation and high accuracy in applications involving liquefied gases (LOX, CO2, ammonia, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, and argon). The Model 200 is in tubular metal (Model 200AS).
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200A dp indicator

The Models 200A (standard case) and 200AS (optional case 316 stainless steel) indicators measure differential pressure, fluid flow rate, or liquid level. The sensor is linked to the low-and high-pressure ends of a main unit (e.g., orifice panels, venturis, or flow pipes) situated in the system queue for fluid flow readings. For liquid tier apps, fluid density variations within the system unit generate adjustments in the differential stress used to show the liquid height. The showing pointer moves over a six-inch diameter scale through a 270-degree circle. T

he motion has a distance tuning micrometer roller. Adjustment of the pointer centre can be produced without withdrawing the scale tray or pointer. Range and linearity modifications are available after extraction of the scale tray. For use in corrosive environments, Model 200 AS is recommended. The 200A comprises of two main parts: an actuating device (variable stress system) and an identifying device contained in the situation. A. Actuating Unit (DPU) — Model 199 DPU. See the Model 199 DPU guide (P / N 9A10030) for comprehensive data on the actuating differential stress device. B. Case (indication)


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