353 Liquid Level Systems

The Model 353 system is specifically intended for exceptional fluid holding demands. It is possible to design a Model 353 machine with one or two detectors. In the field, systems are typically mounted. The high-volume integrated sensor Model 353 is provided for a 3,000-psi SWP and includes a single removable bellow with an original quality of 10 in.3 (164 cc). The bellows are 2.25 in. (57 mm) wide and 3.75 in diameter. (95 mm). It can stretch an extra one in. (25 mm), contributing an extra 7.5in.3 (123 cc) to the volumetric capability. When the bellows are completely extended, an inner tube opens to avoid the exit of system liquids. The bellows can be separated to replace a broken bellows or to test the capillary tubing. Single or dual devices linked to a monitoring unit such as a capillary tubing gage or variable strain sensor, button or sensor. Specially intended for high volume apps.Built-in safety valve offers beneficial overpressure security in the case of a disastrous split in the capillary unit or impulse path, isolating the test tool from the threatening place or environment. If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at info@controlssupplychain.com. 351 l 352 l 353 l S048

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353 Liquid Level Systems

Capillary tubing links the detectors to the transmitter located locally or remotely. Capillary tubing with dimensions as needed may be 0.187 “or 0.25” OD. If needed, capillary tubing can be twisted or looped. A 0.25 “NPT connector or high-pressure insert in the building promotes the venting.

All detectors have housings in stainless steel. The capillary tube linking the sensor to the DPU is either 1/4-in.


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