Controls Supply Chain also supplies products of Imperial Valves. The products from Imperial Valves are designed to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce the overall cost. The meters are uniquely constructed to give utilities just that little bit extra they need in a complex and competitive marketplace. The unique modular design of the products of Imperial Valves ensures that individual installation requirements can be met. Products of Imperial Valves distinguish themselves because they are all modular and have integrated pressure taps. They also have lubrication free bearing surfaces, a 4-chamber design, AMR compatible and are tamper resistant. The advantages of products from Imperial Valves, products Controls Supply Chain can offer, are their compact size, better overall aesthetics, fewer leak points, easy operation, flexible piping configurations, long life, maintenance-free operation and a cost effective temperature compensation. Besides natural gas Imperial Valves products also can be used for other materials. Please inform the sales department which product is the most suitable for your application.