Johnson Controls is a manufacturer of high quality and technologically advanced and customized solutions for various industries. These industries include energy infrastructure, electronics, aerospace and transportation. Johnson Controls for over 150 years and global leader in the supply of the oil and gas industry and focuses on a lasting and trusting relationship with its partners, like Controls Supply Chain. Johnson Controls delivers products that are designed to withstand the harshest operating environments. You can find our products in the Offshore, synthetic fuels, pipelines and terminals, and all the products in this industry belong zWhen API / ANSI / ISO pumps, industrial valves, advanced monitoring and control systems, reverse osmosis water makers, press kits and UV systems, switches, control valves and actuators, transducers, energy absorption and vibration isolation, harsh environment interconnect solutions and much more. Controls Supply Chain advises, supplies spare parts, repairs and does maintenance on products in the petrochemical and process industries. The strength of Controls Supply Chain lies in the knowledge of the products. For electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Controls Supply Chain thinks along to tailor products to both large and small customers. If you ordered via Controls Supply Chain almost all orders will be shipped out the same day. Ask advice from our sales department if you do not know exactly what product you need. Look for other products in the petrochemical and process industries also to the rest of our website or email to