Controls Supply Chain also supplies products and components of Landis Gyr. Landis + Gyr is the leading global supplier of advanced metrology solutions. With over 300 million products on the market in the area of ​​solutions for electricity, gas, heat / cold and water for energy measurement solutions for utilities. Landis & Gyr is focused on reliability and quality. They distinguish themselves in the market through their innovation and a complete portfolio of energy meters and integrated smart meters.   Landis Gyr (Landis+Gyr) provides various solutions for the petrochemical and process industries. Landis Gyr supplies through Controls Supply Chain residential meters, I + C Gauges, grid meters, communication units, heat and cold, dynamic load management and gas meters.   Landis Gyr provides end to end solutions that brings functionality and improvements in energy processes. Controls Supply Chain supplies with items of Landis+Gyr the best this market in terms of quality, precision and reliability can offer.   The meters Landis + Gyr are the best in de world through their groundbreaking technology. Accurate, intelligent, fast, high-resolution data, tamper resistant meters, Landis Gyr meters can be read remotely. The meters are designed for use in all conceivable applications.   Landis + Gyr has solutions for any environment-measurement. GSM-based solutions for the countryside to ethernet connections in industrial environments. Controls Supply Chain can deliver any product or component of Landis Gyr.   If you want more information on products, parts and accessories of Landis Gyr please contact the sales department at Website: